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About Bw

Who is Brightwork?

Brightwork is a South Florida-based group of award-winning marketers, designers & developers who have joined forces to create digital solutions for virtually any business or business-type out there. We are website developers. We are graphic designers. We are online marketers. And we’re each resolutely passionate about what we do in a way that produces strategic results.

We do great work for Fortune 500’s, design firms, large media companies, teeny-weeny startups and everyone in between. And we have a special place in our hearts for non-profits and ministries.

Why should I care?

Because milliseconds are all that stand between your message and the trash heap. And in this economy, you better have the right weapons in your arsenal or some very good deodorant.

Our Approach

We create every aspect of every campaign to not only achieve its specific tactical goal, but even more importantly, to build the overall voice and effect of the client brand as it does so. All of our efforts – technical, creative, analytical – are deployed cohesively to create maximum brand value.

Experience means everything

As individuals and as a team, we have been working in and around the marketing, advertising, direct response & online worlds for more than 15 years. This translates into shorter learning curves on new initiatives, which in turn, translates to more efficient campaign management and lower campaign costs.

Team strength

Brightwork works with some of the best creatives, programmers, developers, media buyers and analysts in the industry. We build a custom team for each project, ensuring that your specific needs will be met.

How We Work

Primary Directive: Do No Harm (don’t laugh – if you only knew some of the things we see out there)

* No black hat / gray hat techniques

* Don’t mess with what’s working until we have a better solution

Secondary Directive: Crush The Competition

* Research & analysis – actual thinking

* Creative solutions & angles

* Reporting and feedback