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The Team

Brightwork was born as a syndicate of award-winning marketers, creatives and analysts who would bring their particular brand of excellence to anyone with a cause and a budget – mercenary-style.

Over time though, we’ve focused our offerings – and our team – in order to bring performance-driven solutions to a few specialized areas. See a partial list of our clients here.

Mike Giambattista, Managing Director

Brightwork was founded by Mike Giambattista. He is the Managing Director and chief strategist for our clients. Mike is a veteran of the Consumer Goods, Commercial Real Estate and Advertising worlds having spent his early post-college years handling national wine brands from California’s Central Coast.

Several years later, Mike had transitioned into direct marketing & advertising leading teams of creative talent into award-winning campaigns for several regional media companies. Today he is focused on building brands and asset values through the entire spectrum of marketing & media channels.

Jesse Grace, Account Planning

Jesse possesses the best possible qualifications for a good account planner – he’s been everywhere, seen everything and isn’t jaded by any of it.  Along the way he picked up a feel for creative strategy, social media know-how, and a very cool old Suzuki.  While he’s not brightworking, Jesse hosts the occasional C.o.D. tournament and instructs the rest of us on the finer points of coffee appreciation.  He’s also the only member of the team cool enough to get his photo from Instagram.

Cono Onorato, Web Development & Programming

Cono is one of those people you read about in Wired who, through personal tenacity, intellect and moxy has figured out how to wire, un-wire & re-wire the internet using two paper clips and a bit of dental floss. His expertise drives Brightworks’ various web-based solutions and, unlike most of the rest of the web people out there, he’s also a very nice guy. He’s a graduate of Southeastern University in Florida and, in addition to his web talents, has traveled extensively doing outreach and relief work around the world.