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Email / Video Marketing

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is building customer relationships through personal and relevant emails. Brightwork creates email communications that engage & bond with customers and constituents to deliver results to your inbox.

  • List Building & Management
  • Award-winning creative
  • Campaign deployment
  • Performance Reporting (including specific email responders)

Video Emails

In something that looked eerrily like a Reeses Pieces commercial, we decided to combine one of our greatest disciplines (email marketing) with one of our greatest assets (tv & video production). The result was astonishing. Here’s what we found:

1) The presence of a graphic video link in an email CONSISTENTLY increased open by rates by almost double what a standard html or text email does. (baseline tests using client’s house lists).

2) The presence of a graphic video link in those same emails CONSISTENTLY increased click-through rates by almost double as well.

3) The presence of a familiar face or voice within the opening frames of a video DRAMATICALLY further enhanced both open and click-through rates.

Video emails are PERFECT for companies who have a product or a service to showcase. They work beautifully across generational and income strata. And they’re extremely cost effective to produce and deploy.