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Tenant Marketing

There has NEVER been a time when more tenants were more movable and more landlords needed your pro-active approach.

Tenant Marketing is that approach.

Brightwork provides a unique value added resource to our clients, devising Marketing Strategies that focus on achieving your goals and objectives on an asset-specific basis. From defining the marketing opportunity to ensuring the project is competitively positioned in the marketplace, Brightwork has the knowledge, skills, and tools to develop and execute marketing plans that drive results.

Every one of your properties has a unique set of attributes that we use to build a database of target prospects. Through Brightwork’s consultative interview process we create a tenant profile which is then used as a foundation for an ongoing multi-channel, multi-touch campaign designed to deliver MEASURABLE, GOAL-BASED results.

A blanket approach just doesn’t work anymore.

Unlike the many other vendors who service the Commercial Real Estate world who simply sell a singular product or service, Brightwork’s unique consultative approach brings more than 20 years of marketing success to work on your behalf.

We can help you reach and engage new tenants.

We’ll utilize every media at our disposal (and that’s pretty much all of them) to capture their attention, engage them, and get them to contact you DIRECTLY.

o Customized List Building

o Database Marketing

o Award-Winning Creative

o Printing & Mailing

o Email Campaigns

o Online Marketing